Group Volunteer Donations

Volunteers make everything possible!

Groups or individuals, we need all the help we can get! Volunteers are an integral part of producing successful events. Without the help of hundreds of volunteers at each event, we wouldn’t be able to continue producing these great events. Onurmark events make for great opportunities to support your community, earn required services hours, fundraise for your group or non profit, and build team work and camaraderie. If you have any questions please fill out the volunteer group contact form below. If you’re an individual volunteer simply register yourself as such.

Groups please read the section below and the leader of the group should submit answers to the form below. Once received and accepted all members of the group will need to individually signup via the link in the menu or the button above to be counted toward the group’s total and donation.

Volunteer Group Donations

Large groups help to fill our volunteer voids quickly, especially during setup and teardown. For this, we offer group donations as a way of saying thank you and urging everyone to return in the future. We have $750 allocated to donate to volunteer groups at the Lake Orion Challenge. Over the past 8 years, Onurmark has donated over $60,000 to local groups and non profits for volunteering at our other events. Join us today!

Eligibility - Only groups/clubs/teams that follow these steps will be eligible for donations.

Step #1 - Contact us via the volunteer contact form below.
Step #2 - Have all group members signup online (the same way any individual would).
Step #3 - Work all designated shifts, following all instructions given by Volunteer and race site Coordinators.

Donation Rules - Below is how we determining donation amounts given post race. Please keep in mind this is volunteer work and was not meant to be "paid." These are donations meant as a thank you for helping at our event.

Once a team/group/club/organization hits 10 volunteer shifts worked they get $10 per shift worked. For example if 16 volunteers from a group signed up and completed 16 shifts they would receive a check for $160 for their group.

Checks will be mailed once volunteer numbers and hours are verified. Please allow 4-6 weeks for check delivery. Those that don’t follow the instructions provided by the volunteer coordinator will not be counted toward’s group totals.

Group Volunteers Request Form

SUBMIT IF YOU HAVE A GROUP WANTING TO VOLUNTEER. This form is for us to keep track of how many groups are planning to come out and what the total in donations will likely be after the event. In order for your group to be eligible for our group volunteer donation program, your leader MUST fill out and submit this form below and each individual member of the group MUST signup separately to volunteer (personal info, shirt size waiver).