What is the lake orion challenge?

The Lake Orion Challenge is a Paddle Triathlon. I traditional triathlon is swimming, biking, and running. Our challenge replaces the swimming with paddling, the traditional road biking with a trail ride bike, and the run, well it’’s a run. 2-laps around the Village of Lake Orion. 2019 will be our inaugural year. We will limit the event to 250 individuals/relays and keep the distance to a minimum to keep it simple, quick, and fun. Going into 2020, our plan is to increase the field limit and offer multiple distance choices.

The Mission of the challenge

Our mission is to build a community friendly event that anyone, and everyone, can participate in. We welcome everyone, from the most, to the least competitive, from those that have equipment worth thousands of dollars, to those who borrow everything from a friend. If you want to compete (or just have fun and finish) and can find a floating vessel to get yourself across Lake Orion, a working non road bike (mountain, fat tire, bmx, cruiser) to ride down-and-back on Paint Creek Trail, and any pair of shoes to get you around a couple 1-mile loops in the north part of the Village of Lake Orion, we welcome you!

This is meant to be a challenging event, welcome to those of all ages and abilities, with a goal of having fun to stay healthy and promote community fitness. If your goal is to be ultra competitive, we welcome you too, but will send you off in your own start wave in the beginning. Everyone else will go off in separate waves assigned to them as we get closer to the event.