course maps & descriptions


Click the button below then zoom in on the village and along the course to see all the points of interest for the event. You can click on the list of points to have it highlight on the map. This is a live map so it should show you where you are currently at (GPS) in relation to the points on the map.




Challengers start the event from Lake Orion’s north side DNR boat ramp area. Both boats and bikes are to be checked the day before during the dedicated and assigned times. The morning of the event athletes park at the St. Joseph Church and are shuttled directly to the start. Non challengers will take the shuttles dedicated to the village. Non challengers are NOT allowed at the start / DNR boat launch area.

When checked kayaks will be placed in an assigned area based on the number that’s pre assigned to them. We will also assign start times / waves to all challengers prior to pickup. Once dropped off by our shuttles at the start athletes will find their way to their kayak and await the start of their wave.


The swim course is a point-to-point from the north side DNR boat ramp area to Green’s Park Area. Once to the exit challengers will exit and leave their kayak with event staff. We will bring all boats to the transition area for easy pickup after the event. As long as the weather does not produce swells (or lightning) in the lake that endanger boaters, we will have the event. All paddlers are required to wear their front and back bib numbers at all time on their shirt for identification. We give everyone an extra set of these so if you need to change shirts for any reason you can reapply them, though it’s not recommended and can be difficult to do during the event.


Transition will consist of bike racks where bikes will be checked in (the day before by the challengers) and set at their assigned number on the rack. Those without kickstands will rack by their saddle with the front of the bike facing out the direction the bike rack number sticker is facing. In other words, when you approach your bike it should be facing you as you run up to it.

Competitors are allowed to leave water, drinks, helmets, and more (whatever they will need) in a pre distributed back we give them at packet pickup. When checking bikes the day before the bike and the bag (with everything in it) is to be left at your numbered position over night so it’s there when you run into your spot after completing the paddling portion of the event. We will have security in both the boat and bike areas overnight to protect all belongings.

Once in transition challengers will get the necessary items on for the bike (helmet is mandatory). Depending on whether or not the challenger paddled with most of what they will wear on the bike, this process can be fast or quite time consuming. We recommend you wear almost all your bike attire during the paddling portion of the event to minimize time spent in transition. In a perfect world putting on a helmet and possibly bike shoes (if you wear them) would be all you need to do. Wearing bike shorts (if you want) and sunglasses and normal shoes on the kayak will help the process.


Once on the bike riders will twist and wind their way to the long straight wide Paint Creek Trail. Riders will go down around 5.4 miles before making a u-turn and heading back the way they came. Single file riding, saying “On Your Left” when you pass someone, and having control over your bike at all times is mandatory. No drafting (being within 3 bike lengths of the bike in front of you) is permitted. If you’re within 3 bike lengths you are expected to pass. If someone is passing you we expect you to allow them to do so. If you want to repass once they are clear of your bike you may do so. Side by side races are not permitted. Neither are headphones of any kind. Phones are allowed only for tracking purposes and certainly should not be left in your bike check bag. If you carry your phone it’s for tracking only, no music or other usage during the event. Please also stay as far to the right on the trail as possible at all times and be aware of your surroundings.


Once challengers have completed the bike and are back in transition they are to re rack their bike in their same spot then change into anything they need to for the run.


The run is pretty straight forward. It’s flat and easy. It’s also all within the Village of Lake Orion on the north side of Flint Street. It’s a 2.2-mile double loop (1 mile per loop) course with a finish line just outside the Lockhart’s parking lot. We will have arrow signs and a loop direction sign guiding runners along with volunteers at some of the turn points. The course is all on pavement/roads. Runners will be running with traffic but should always run single file and as far off onto the shoulder as possible. If there is no shoulder but there’s flat ground that is clear of holes and debris please run there. Avoid running down the middle of the lane. Although the roads are not busy we are running within the village and a neighborhood. We want to be courteous and always allow cars to pass safely. Remember there are no headphones allowed and to smile and wave when possible. We really want to be welcomed back. No littering. The only place it’s ok to drop trash is at the hydration station, otherwise you carry it with you.


First, please note that the course may change at any time. The course above is what we have planned but sometimes unforeseen issues arise and things need to change. Roll with it. We are telling you now this is tentative. If we have to change anything it’s for the betterment of the event and challengers. Changing things is not easy on us and we would never do it unless we have to or it just makes good sense. When/if changes are made please know that we will do everything in our power to make the courses stay as close to the original distances advertised, but again, roll with it. A little bit more or less isn’t going to hurt anyone.


We will have a self serve hydration station at the start of the paddle section at the DNR launch. We will also have a self serve (possibly manned) hydration/nutrition station in transition you can take advantage of both times you are in transition. On the bike we will have one at the far end u-turn and on the run we will have a hydration station you can hit 2-times at the corner of Elizabeth and Lapeer. In addition to on course hydration/nutrition we will also have one more station at the finish line area as well as actual post race food and entertainment. If you require any special hydration/nutrition needs you are responsible to provide those for yourself.


Portable restrooms will be available at the start of the event, in transition, and at the finish line. Please plan accordingly.


Our main medical stations will be in Transition and at the Finish Line. Additional medical personnel will be present at the boat start, boat finish, bike turnaround, and hydration station on the run.



The beginning and end of the boat course will be marked with flags and buoys and maybe even inflatables. The course itself will be marked with either buoys in the water, or flags on shore, or both. We are not 100% sure yet. We will decide in the coming months and let everyone know. We want to have the least impact (at least first year) as possible while still being well organized, fun, and effective.

The path from boat exit to the first transition will be marked with small cones and turn arrow signs. Crossing Lapeer Rd will be done at a light which will be worked by local law enforcement. While all challengers should be permitted to cross without stoppage there, we ask that everyone still be responsible for their own safety and look both ways before they cross to make sure the cars have actually stopped for the police officer.


Transition will be enclosed by interlocking fencing. Bike racks are long 8-10’ poles about 4’ off the ground to rack bikes on. Each rack will have 6-8 stickers on it. Each sticker has a number that represents one that was assigned to a challenger. You find your number, you find your bike. The bike rack rows will be marked so that as you run in you can see which assigned numbers are in each row.


On the bike course any turns (very limited) will be marked with arrow sings. We will not have cones on the bike course. It’s the paint creek trail. Stay on it until it’s obvious we are turning you around. If you have GPS, then start looking and know the turn around is coming when you go over 5 miles out. We will have a u-turn sign, hydration, volunteers, and medical at the u-turn point.


On the run we will have the course marked with either survey marking flags or small cones off the side of the road. The corners (turns) and the loop point will be marked with electrical/duct tape arrows on the ground and/or a-frame standing arrow boards (same as the other parts of the course). The finish will have an inflatable.


A big inflatable, you cross, you get a medal, you get to stop. It’s simple.


We are still lining things up for this but our goal is to have a professional announcer, good food, beer, awards, music, and more.


As stated above… no headphones for any of this event. When you’re being passed or you are passing allow for plenty of room for you and the other person. If you are passing please always say “on your left” on all three legs of this event. Trash goes in a waste basket/bag, in your pocket, or on the ground ONLY at the manned hydration stops as we will have someone there to pick it up. Always be very nice and kind to everyone both in the race and outside the race. If someone isn’t nice to you that’s a shame but you are still expected to be nice back. Kill’em with kindness. We are playing in their neighborhood, please remember that. Whenever you are paddling, biking, or running your are expected to stay the course on the right and pass to the left. You are also expected to stay out of the center of the trail on Paint Creek Trail on the bike and all the way over on the roads in Lake Orion for the run. Be smart, be alert, be kind.