St. Joseph Catholic Church
715 N Lapeer Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362

Registered Participant Parking

All registered participants MUST park at the church. We will have shuttles especially designated to bringing all our participants (only participants) to the start of the event. All other shuttles will bring non participants to the downtown area. As the event approaches we will let everyone know how to tell the differences in shuttles. We will likely mark their sides, front and back with stickers. Any athletes that decide to park downtown will not be picked up by shuttles. The ONLY place we are doing shuttle pickup to the start is from the church. We also do not want everyone having people drop them off at the start. While this may seem like a quick solution it will block the roads and slow down traffic to the point that the shuttles will run slower and athletes following directions may not make the start line. If you are seen getting dropped off at the start vs taking the bus and it’s impeding the flow of traffic on the street you risk being disqualified. Follow the parking plan please.

Non Registered Non Participant Parking

Still at the church but different busses going downtown NOT going to the start. We realize this may be disappointing for some but it’s a matter of space and flow. Once dropped off downtown Lake Orion non participants are welcome to hangout around the transition area for the competitors to run into bike transition after the swim.

Getting Back to Your Vehicles

We will be running shuttles form an exact location all morning going back to the vehicles at the church.